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Explore Bugis Culture

13/10/2017, Team India Se
When you think of Bugis the first thought that comes to mind is the bustling shopping district, rows of restaurants, the...
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Singapore To Host ASEAN India Pravasi Bharatiya Divas

05/10/2017, Team India Se
Commemorating 25 years of ASEAN-India relationship, the Indian government will be hosting its annual Pravasi Bharatiya D...
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Giant Threat

03/10/2017, Ashali Varma
As we celebrate the stunning work done by the Ministry of External Affairs and Ajit Doval which – together with Prime Mi...
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One Gauri Is Bigger Than A Thousand Bigots

03/10/2017, Shobhaa De
One did not have to know Gauri personally to admire her. One already ‘knew’ her. In the best way one can know strangers ...
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‘Smart’ Undergarment Could Be The Answer To Back Pain Woes

03/10/2017, Team India Se
Low back pain affects over half of all adults and costs the US an estimated $30 billion in medical expenses and more tha...
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Scotland In Canada

03/10/2017, Kamala Subramanian
My husband and I are a retired couple who enjoy the privilege of holidaying abroad.  Thanks to our children settled in f...
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