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A. Lange & Sohne: Timeless classics for the wrist artistry

7/14/2014 12:06:17 PM
written By : Anita Khatri Print

The Moon Phase Watch has gained greater popularity in the last few years and this has also been true for the discerning Indian consumer. With progression of time simple watches led to development of new shapes and sizes catering to the trends and requirements of people. Nowadays, watches are made with different material and designs with complications. 

The Moon Phase complication watch is designed to display the various stages of the moon according to the monthly cycle. A moon phase watch is equipped with a mechanism which depicts the lunar phase from the observer’s point of view. Every month one can view an illuminated part of the moon and that illuminated portion is also referred by the watch throughout the month. Though the working may seem simple but the challenge is in designing of the watch in a way that it actually imitates the real moon which is quite difficult as the lunar phase varies cyclically according to the moons rotation round the earth. Watchmakers world over have to pay attention to smallest of the detail whilst designing the watch and to ensure that it would be in sync with the moon phase according to the Earth’s position.

As complex is the mechanism of the moon phase watch so is the maintenance to keep it working accurately - it should be regularly set to work accurately. Moon phase watches are a rage and are definitely worth investing for a true watch connoisseur.

We profile for India Se readers some outstanding Moon phase watches of one of the most creativity watch maker A. Lange & Sohne, who are fast becoming a name to reckon with the Moon Phase Watches.

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