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The much anticipated Apple Watch will only help grow the market size of wrist watch wearers believe top executives of Swiss brands

4/30/2015 2:55:43 PM
written By : Anita Khatri Print

With the younger generation preferring not to wear watches and using their mobile phone to tell time, what is the future of Swiss watchbrands. Contrary to popular perception, the head honchos of various top companies are optimistic and believe that going forward the Apple watch will only help grow the market size of wrist watch wearers. Read on to get their views. 

1. Matthias Breschan, Global Brand President, Rado Watch Co.

It has been 20 years since the Swatch group presented a prototype for a telephone integrated in the watch. The first step in this group is by Swatch and Tissot, who are presenting the connected watch. At Rado we have all the technology to move in this direction. Mechanical and Quartz watches will continue to exist, as we are used to them. Many people buy watches not just to tell time, but because it is an extension of your personality, an accessory that you can show off.

2. Olivier Bernheim, President and CEO Raymond Weil

The Apple watch does not disturb me at all, because the world is not ready for it. Luxury Swiss watches are made by hands, whereas smart watches are made by machines. The entry of the Apple watch will introduce a new segment in the watch industry, but that will not replace the luxury of handmade Swiss watches.

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