Commemorating Cricketing Heroes

Ulysse Nardin: Pioneering spirit with a quest for innovation

7/31/2014 10:37:41 AM
written By : Anita Khatri Print


Bollywood and cricket have become almost like religion to the people of India. And it is not 

too often that we find a top Swiss watchmakingbrand trying to blend in with the popular culture of a country. However, Ulysse Nardin has decided to be associated with these two and this move is viewed to be as important as watchmaking in Switzerland, especially for creating commemorative watches.

This is one of the few Swiss watch brands which has paid homage to Indian cricket. Ulysse Nardin has launched commemorative watches to honour Indian cricketing legends by introducing limited edition watches for Yuvraj Singh and Sunil Gavaskar. Celebrating the spirit of the sport, we present two watches with complications that are bound to bring in good times for the legends and you.

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