Vive le weave!

4/1/2015 11:28:10 AM
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We are unabashed flagbearers of the handwoven fabric! It has been a learning journey for us at Artizen, and we hope to take you along as we rediscover different weaves and textiles over the next few columns. Textiles are a very personal issue, creating emotions and attitudes, evoking unspoken communication and judgements.

When we talk about fabric, other than animal hide, they primarily fall into weaves or knits (we won’t talk about lace or felt here). Your basic T-shirt is a knit, created just like the plain and pearl hand knitting method but on machines. Weaves end up interlacing threads horizontally and vertically. Linen, chiffon, denim, corduroy, satin are all examples of woven fabric.

From the time man watched the weaverbird and tailorbird build their nests, and began braiding leaves into baskets, weaving has been an integral part of our existence. Since then, various ages of man have learnt to grow fibre just for fabric, harvesting, cleaning the fibre, spinning it into threads, weaving the thread into cloth, and finally sewing the cloth into clothes.

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