The Clinical Afternoon

11/2/2016 4:58:35 PM
written By : Shilpa Dikshit Thapliyal Print

It’s been hard, too hard

since we said our last goodbye

 my pulse throbs, aches

yearns for you ...

does yours too ... ?

She looked at Dev. Except for a few creases on his forehead and at the corners of his eyes, his face was largely unchanged. She thought he looked even more charming after all these years, twenty-two years, seven months and twelve days to be precise. She fidgeted slightly, adjusting the scarf to the side of her neck .

Dev smiled politely at her and took out his phone and handed it to the four-year-old. ‘Is he Dev’s son ?’ She squirmed slightly at the thought. The boy looked strikingly like Dev, sharp nose, wide mouth and large ears that popped out of the bony face. She found that kind of cute. The little boy was looking around, a trifle bored by his surroundings.

The rectangular room didn’t have much to say for itself. It was flanked by two fabric-covered sofas, and a few potted plants in the corners. The walls were covered in thin stripes of blue and green wallpaper, giving the clinic a bright look. There was a weighing machine in one corner and a stack of magazines right next to it. A young lady was seated behind the reception desk just opposite the entrance. Her face was rather squarish and her jaws were always a bit apart, leaving her mouth slightly open as she typed at her computer. Her high ponytail, tied in a black bow, moved in sync with her fingers. She could see the amused look on the boy’s face and wondered if he had an urge to tug at it just to see if she would react. ‘If only this clinic had some toys or puzzles or a few Star Wars figurines!’ she thought to herself.

Earlier that morning, as the little boy’s father was helping him get dressed, he had mentioned something about Dr. Dutt being away and how it was important to get this blood test done. That had explained their visit to this clinic. He wondered if all adult clinics looked like this. The boy was now hoping that his doctor would return quickly from his vacation or wherever he was off to.

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