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Poochie Set To Be The New Pooh

A new children’s book set in Singapore is likely to capture hearts a la Winnie the Pooh 

10/1/2014 12:54:06 PM
written By : Shobha Tsering Bhalla Print

A new book on a lovable little Maltese is now out in the market on Amazon. Poochie Does His Bit is the delightful third book in the Poochie series written by Singaporean Indian children’s book writer Basabi Banerjee.

I will wager that even readers who are not soft on animals are likely to relate without complication to timid Poochie’s touchingly simple little world, much in the same way that generations have related to that beloved “Bear of Very Little Brain” - Pooh.

Poochie, a beloved member of a close-knit family of four who greatly resemble Banerjee’s own family, has led a rather sheltered life ensconced in the care of his beloved mistress with the two children Ricky (boy) and Tipper (girl) as his playmates. The story revolves around the idea of hosting a party for raising funds for dogs that haven’t been as lucky as him. Poochie is initially scared of the idea as he would have to interact with other dogs – something that he is terrified of. 

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