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A coffee table book From Kerala To Singapore, traces the migration of the Malayalee community 

5/31/2017 3:53:05 PM
written By : Baby Mathen Mathews Print

A just launched book on the early journeys of the Malayalees from Kerala to  Singapore to carve out a future for themselves and their descendants in the book, From Kerala To Singapore, highlights the psyche of the real Malayalee. The compendium traces the lives of the early Malayalees their aspirations, struggles, anxieties and achievements in the making of a diaspora dating back to more than 100 years to the period of British colonialism and the succeeding six generations. The book makes compelling reading as it contains extensive research and inputs from many prominent individuals in the community. It also has inputs from other immigrants of various nationalities and races who also contributed to the development of the Malayalee diaspora in Singapore and the building of the nation.

The project was embarked on in 2013 by authors Anitha Devi Pillai and Puva Arumugam. The Malayalee community make up the second largest diaspora among the Indians in Singapore at any one time although the figures vary from year to year. Most of the early Malayalees came to Singapore to earn money to support their families back home in Kerala. But over time many found life here more comfortable and decided to bring their families to settle in Singapore. The subject of this book is about the Malayalees who have made this country their home, domiciled here and have a stake in Singapore.

The book features many interesting aspects of the community as well as people who have contributed significantly to Singapore be it in law, business, arts or culture. It carries many personal stories of prominent person such as Ambassador Gopinath Pillai, Dr VP Nair, Leela Mary Eapan, Vilasini Menon and many more. Many of the profiles also have family trees which make the book compelling.

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