Daring Debut

Singapore journalist Deepika Shetty upends the saying, ‘Inside every journalist is a failed novelist' with her daring debut novel, The Red Helmet

10/31/2014 12:56:03 PM
written By : Diya-Maya Tsering Bhalla Print

Dressed in an elegant form-fitting embroidered ethnic dress, Deepika Shetty looked every bit the confident and social-media savvy journalist she is known as. She added a little spunk to her outfit with a bright red helmet, her mascot for her debut novel, The Red Helmet. Having taken 23 long years to write the book, she describes the process as “living with a stillborn child.” Shetty - a Chandigarh born Sikhni - has drawn inspiration from her own life experiences in 1980s India. Indeed a large part of the story centres around her hometown Chandigarh, post Operation Blue Star. While the vivacious and articulate Shetty describes the book as one about love and loss, it goes beyond that and is also a commentary on a period that has molded the post-baby boomer generation of middle class India. Both poignant and humorous, the messages about heartbreak and love resonate strongly even with Singapore-bred young readers like this writer. 

Her book is the first work of fiction published by Sanchit Art Publications, which seems fitting considering it is her first book

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