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Beauty With A Purpose

Well-known, Bombay-based cosmetologist, Dr Jamuna Pai has released a book that promises to clear several myths around new-age skin treatments

3/17/2015 11:20:37 AM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

She is the go-to cosmetologist for all the A-list actors andsociety stars of Bombay. Her leading chain of cosmetic clinics known as Blush has become a brand to reckon with. She has been India Se’s beauty columnist for over five years, and now she has written a book titled No One Has To Know, in which she shares the vast knowledge that she has acquired during her 20 years of practice.

Hence it is no surprise that Dr Jamuna Pai’s book launch saw a bevy of celebrities coming in to support her. The unveiling was done by the matriarch of the Ambani family, Kokilaben Ambani, while proceeds from the book will go towards a charity working on acid victims.

On this landmark occasion, India Se spoke to the beauty doctor. Excerpts of an exclusive interview:

India Se: What prompted you to finally write a book on beauty and skincare, considering the fact that you have been a recognised name in this industry for so many years?

Jamuna Pai: The idea of writing a book was always there in my mind for almost 15 years now. I became more serious about it since five years ago. It may sound clichéd, but there is a right time for everything, and I believe that this was the perfect time for the launch of No One Has To Know. Now with 20 years of experience behind me, I can share more with my readers and clients than what I would have shared earlier. I didn’t want to impart advice till I was ready to bet my life on its effectiveness. After making mistakes and learning from my clients, I felt I was ready and it all happened.

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