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Kalayug: the business of art is not all that beautiful 

3/2/2017 3:10:39 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

Art is serious business and investing in art is tricky. There have been many thrillers around the murky world of finance and investment, but Kalayug by debutante banker turned writer, Anurag Tripathi, deals with the art investments – an opaque world that investors and advisors are trying fathom. The three main characters Jay Malhotra, Priya Chawla aka Patty (gallery owner) and Biswas Mukherjee (art expert) take you into this world where nothing is beautiful. 

Here are excerpts of an exclusive interview with Tripathi, an alumnus of Indian Business School. 

India Se: Tell us a little about yourself. What drew you to writing despite having a background in management studies? Are you a full time writer now or do you keep a day job?

Anurag Tripathi: I have a background in finance, having worked across consulting, banking, asset management, capital markets and investment banking for over 18 years.  My wife also works in the corporate world as a senior HR professional. She had an opportunity to move to Singapore in 2013.  We took it up knowing well that I might not get a job to my liking in Singapore. Partly, because I was a maverick in my professional life and also because I was very choosy about what I wanted to do.  I received a few offers in private banking which I found demeaning and I was a misfit for almost everything else. Consequently, I found myself unemployed. The silver lining in all this was that I could finally pursue something that was close to my heart, i.e. writing. Kalayug is my debut novel.  I have already written the second one, and am currently researching the third. 

I am a full time writer now. Writing doesn’t pay very well. I have been able to pursue my dream because I have a bread earner in the house.  Also, I was always a big saver and an intelligent investor. Consequently, I have assets and no corresponding debts. 

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