How About #IDid Instead Of #MeToo?

11/12/2017, Sabyn Javeri
#MeToo has flooded our social media feeds. In support of women’s issues, it is supposed to give us an idea of the magnit...
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The Great Cover-Up

01/11/2017, Sabyn Javeri
The Twitter mafia was at it again. The recent flare-up over Mahira Khan in a backless dress had the nation in a frenzy. ...
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01/11/2017, Venkatraman Sheshashayee
The flood of revelations by women about sexual  harassment following similar allegations against the Hollywood producer ...
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Shiva In Umerkot

03/10/2017, Reema Abbasi
Silence returns to homes and streets for siesta hours. As Thar’s remarkable warmth and hospitality will not permit a gue...
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Steeped In The Past

02/09/2017, Reema Abbasi
To be in Tharparkar is to trip on an ancestor’s memories.  The great white of entwined cliffs and scorched earth present...
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Sweet Reminders Of The Past

30/06/2017, Nivruthi Prasad
American novelist Jonathan Safran Foer once said, “Food is not rational. Food is culture, habit, craving and identity.” ...
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