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From unwanted hair to permanent make-up, here are answers to some important skin issues among teenagers 

3/2/2017 3:02:04 PM
written By : Jamuna Pai Print

Permanent make-up seems to be quite popular these days. Please elaborate on the procedure. Can one change the make-up to remain in line with the latest style trends?

Permanent make-up is a cosmetic technique where, by using the principle of tattooing, coloured pigments are impregnated into the superficial layers of the skin. Unlike the body tattoos, where the pigment is impregnated into the deepest layer of the skin, despite skin shedding regularly, the colour lasts for many years. As we want a very natural look on the face, we put pigment only on the superficial layers to resemble the topical application of colour cosmetic. It is a semi-permanent procedure. Hence as time passes by, the pigment does get lighter and there is a need for touch-up. 

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