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Find that glow in the new year!

1/31/2017 3:02:38 PM
written By : Jamuna Pai Print

As we gear up to ring in the New Year, how about paying some attention to our skin and make some healthy resolutions keeping our skin in mind. The one big problem in keeping up to the resolutions is that we make too many promises and sometimes ‘over-promise’ which makes us give it all up half way. 

To make it simpler for you, I will give you a ‘five point’ easy-to-follow skincare regime to ensure you have a glowing skin throughout the year. 

1. Cleanse

2. Protect

3. Exfoliate

4. Hydrate

5. Repair/Preserve


CLEANSE: Use a soap-free face wash or any other kind that suits your skin and doesn’t change its pH. As long as your face does not feel pulled and parched after washing you know you are using the right kind of face wash. In the evening, removing your make-up with a make-up remover is extremely important, especially around the eye area.

PROTECT: Sunscreen is probably the most vital product to have in your daily skincare regime. New research shows that regardless of the SPF, may it be 15 or 30, its effect lasts for only up to three to four hours, so reapplication is necessary. Irrespective of the weather conditions or remaining indoors, using sunscreen twice a day is a must. The thicker the layer the better protection it offers your skin. 

A two-finger scoop sunscreen should be applied 15 minutes before heading outdoors so that it can be absorbed by the skin and is less likely to be washed off due to perspiration. A lip balm with a SPF should be used to protect the lips.

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