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The latest hair removal technology is effective and long-lasting

7/31/2014 10:23:28 AM
written By : Jamuna Pai Print

Hair removal has always been an important part of any woman’s beauty regime. An unkempt pair of eyebrows, dark sideburns, greenish hair growth in the underarm area or growth on the upper back can be quite jarring to the eye and can ruin an otherwise pretty face or attractive figure. Waxing works well for the arms and legs but it should never be attempted on the face, chest or back. Threading or tweezing is a good solution for the eyebrow area but anything beyond that can result in painful ingrowths, boils or a dark greenish growth. Laser hair reduction is a popular, safe and relatively painless method to permanently reduce hair growth. 

Presence of unwanted thick, coarse hair on the face, especially on upper lip, chin or the side locks - in the male area of hair distribution, is termed as facial hair, which is not so pleasing to the eye. It is also known as ‘hirsutism’ and is a cause of concern and embarrassment for the women.

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