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2/2/2016 3:07:31 PM
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Q. I have very sensitive skin and I tend to tan very easily. When I swim, sometimes my skin tans and even peels sometimes. I also wanted advice on what treatments I can go through if it occurs in the future again. Please help…

A. A sun tan is actually the body’s defense mechanism against strong sunlight and hence there is visible evidence of damage to the skin. Sun burning on the other hand in severe forms can be quite uncomfortable. It results in redness of the skin, peeling and sometimes itching. This also causes photo ageing.

The treatment for tanning includes avoiding sunlight as much as possible and the use of a sun block of any SPF at least twice a day. Use a calamine lotion during the day. Take an anti-allergic tablet during the day and night for a week along with an application of 1 per cent desonide lotion at bedtime. This will bring down the inflammation and peeling dramatically. The desonide should be used only for one week.

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