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Simple hair and skin fixes to glow and show

11/1/2017 4:44:04 PM
written By : Jamuna Pai Print

Glamming up for the festive season can sometimes take a toll on your hair and skin. Here are answers to some commonly occurring problems. 

Q: There is a trend of getting 24-carat gold masks and gold facials. How effective are these and is real gold used in them?

A: Yes. Gold, pearl and diamond are used in a lot of exclusive facials. In my opinion, the molecules are too big to be absorbed by the skin. I understand that the crystals of these metals or stones help in exfoliation of the dead skin cells which, in turn, reveals a healthy and glowing skin. With regard to whether real gold is used or not, it is based on the which product is being used. 

Q: Another important issue that women face during festivities is hair care. What do you have to do to keep them healthy, especially since one may use hair sprays and chemicals?

A: Regular heat treatment like ironing, blow-drying or then colouring and any chemical treatment done for the hair, lifts the outermost layers of hair, to colour the hair shaft. In this process, the hair gets more porous and dry or frizzy. Replenishing the lost moisture becomes extremely important in such cases. 

  • Take a high-protein diet, flaxseed oil supplements (1000 mg), evening primrose oil (500 mg) or aloe vera juice (100 ml) on an empty stomach. 
  • Use a protein serum and a hair repair serum alternately when you wash your hair. Use an intense repair conditioner and leave it on for five minutes on towel-dried hair after shampoo. 
  • You may also use freshly made coconut milk and apply all over scalp and hair. Leave for one hour at least and then rinse off. This will help take care of the frizziness and leave your hair more manageable.



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