Alluring Looks

From plumping up your lips, to flattening down your belly, here are ways to enhance your looks!

12/31/2016 3:38:03 PM
written By : Jamuna Pai Print

Q. Bronzers seem to be very in these days. How should one use them correctly? Are they as safe as other make-up? 

A: Bronzers help to contour and give a sculpted look to the face. If used correctly, they can not only help create high cheekbones, but also highlight and accentuate the facial features. Bronzer shouldn’t be used only on the cheek area – it should be dusted on the forehead as well as the jawline. Dust it lightly on the high cheekbone point and then follow it down to contour the face.

Q. At what age can one start using fillers to enhance their lips? Many youngsters are keen on it especially after they see TV stars and movie stars are using them. 

A: Whether it is accentuating the lip by defining the border with a lip colour or highlighting the lip body with a bright-coloured lipstick or  using lip fillers to create a pout, enhancing the lip has been considered synonymous with beauty from time immemorial. 

I will not recommend a particular age for going for any aesthetic treatment, but I can certainly state that the Hyaluronic acid fillers used today are very safe. They are biodegradable, very soft and malleable. If injected by an experienced physician, the procedure does not have any side effects. The best thing about this product is that if the client does not like the result, it can be dissolved instantly. 

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