One Two Ka Four, Four Two Ka One

Mr India, Anil Kapoor, is not disappearing any time soon. Life is only getting better with Hollywood projects and successful children

5/8/2017 1:15:52 PM
written By : Nivruthi Prasad & Maya Tsering Bhalla Print

Always craved for a taste of stardom? You can now feel like a celebrity at the IIFA Awards Experience exhibition at Madame Tussauds Singapore. Bollywood megastar Anil Kapoor was in Singapore recently to launch the new permanent exhibition, which is inspired by the glitzy annual awards event, the Indian International Film Academy (IIFA) Awards. 

During the launch, Kapoor also unveiled his wax figure, which has been modelled after his character in the wildly successful film Slumdog Millionaire. Kapoor’s wax figure is on loan here for a limited period only until its new home, Madame Tussauds Delhi, opens later this year. 

Kapoor’s energy and enthusiasm at 60 is still intact. A recent leg injury did not deter him from showcasing some of his trademark moves to the tune of Jai Ho! Referring to his wax figure, the actor explained that getting this honour in the fourth decade of his career has made it even more satisfying than it might have been had he received it earlier. “There are many iconic people whom I respect, admire here. But I get a feeling that the kind of happiness, the kind of joy I feel, I don’t think they must have felt,” Kapoor added.

Later Anil Kapoor spoke exclusively to India Se on succeeding in Hollywood and parenting celebrities. 

India Se: You have starred in Hollywood projects, such as Slumdog Millionaire, Mission Impossible 4 and the hit TV series, 24. What does it take for an Indian artiste to be accepted and to succeed in Hollywood? And how is it different from Bollywood?

Anil Kapoor: There are many actors who have done better than me in the past and also in the present. We’ve made some inroads, and hopefully there will be many more. We will be far more successful than what we are now. I am very optimistic about Indian actors doing well in the West.

India Se: All your children have followed in your footsteps, and become part of the film industry. Have you ever guided them towards other careers or did you always have films in mind for them?

Anil Kapoor: I think the children of today have minds of their own, you should let them be. Allow them to do things which their heart tells them to do. All my children have instinctively and passionately wanted to be in films and I encouraged them. So it’s their decision, not mine. 

India Se: You let your children handle their controversies on their own, Sonam for one has been embroiled quite a few times. Don’t you feel compelled to intervene on their behalf or is it a tactical move on your part?

Anil Kapoor: I think children should make their own decisions. Sometimes they may be right and other times wrong. We all have made mistakes, and we learn more from our mistakes or failures. Of course, I’m always there as a parent to guide them if they need me, in every sphere of life. But I think it’s better to let them be.

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