Nothing Secret About This Superstar

Aamir Khan’s latest film is about a young Muslim girl who aspires to become a pop star

9/2/2017 6:36:49 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

When film star Aamir Khan puts himself and his money into a project, one expects a quality film will come your way. For the actor has constantly been raising the bar by getting involved in projects like Dangal, Taare Zameen Par and other acclaimed productions. So when he decided to support the directorial debut of his former manager, Advait Chandan, expectations were bound to be high. And the trailer of Secret Superstar did not disappoint.

In a first, Zee Studios, one of the movie’s producers, unveiled the trailer in Singapore, before India or any of the other markets got a dekko. Secret Superstar is an endearing story of Insia, a 14-year-old Muslim girl from Baroda, who dreams of becoming a superstar. She is an aspiring teenage singer who uses the internet to break the boundaries imposed by her father in the name of religion while she finds support in her mother. Zaira Wasim, the girl who played young Geeta Phogat in Dangal, is cast in the title role.

Speaking to journalists via videolink, Khan said that the story has not been inspired by any specific incident nor does it highlight any social issue. But it is hard not to draw references to recent incidents of women entertainers in trouble. Clerics threatened an up-and-coming female singer who participated in a reality show and an all-female rock band (Pragaash) from Kashmir was forced to disband.  Advait, however, insisted: “It wasn’t about the band. Wasn’t about any particular incident either.” He clarified, “It is just around an idea that - Dream dekhna basic hota hai. And the story was written to bring that idea out.” 

“I am not making films to inspire youngsters, I am making films to inspire all of us. The fact is when the script comes to me, it inspires me. The material from writers or directors comes to me, it inspires me, and when we make the film, we hope it inspires the audience. We hope to touch other people,” added Khan.

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