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Top comedians from India and Pakistan - Raju Srivastav and Shakeel Siddiqui – to perform in Singapore

7/5/2016 4:15:19 PM
written By : Nithya Subramanian Print

South Asians in Singapore are in for a comedy treat with two top comedians from India and Pakistan performing here in July in a a show titled Comedy Ke Badshah..

The silver tongue, one-man - affront processing plant from Pakistan Shakeel Siddiqui and the quick fire, mime and mimicry star from India Raju Srivastav will togther bring the house down with their funny onliners and jokes.

Shakeel Siddiqui is a Pakistani television comedian better known as ‘Teeli’ in Pakistan. He rose to prominence in Bollywood after appearing as a contestant in Comedy Circus. He is now a regular stand up comedian appearing on various television and live shows,

Raju Srivastav pursued the dream of becoming a comedian since childhood. And that dream brought him to Bomaby where he did comic roles in a number of movies. He has also appeared on television shows and performed live in India and abraod. Srivastav has also dabbled in politics, joining the Bharatiya Janta Party in 2014.

Here are excerpts of an exclusive interview with the two stand up artists:

India Se: Both of you are well known stand up comedians. When and how did you start working together? How has the experience been?

Raju Srivastav:Shakeel Siddhiqui is a very good comedian and very down to earth. After his hit show ‘Bakra Kisto Pe’ he came to India, and we performed together for the first time at Shamukhananada hall in Bombay, after that in the US, Singapore and other countries. 

Shakeel Siddiqui:We worked together in the US, Singapore, Kuwait and India, and it has always been a wonderful experience.

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