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Ayushmann Khurrana is a star on the rise with a personality that is a pleasant departure from the brashness of tinsel-town

6/2/2015 12:15:53 PM
written By : Maya Tsering Bhalla Print

With his self-effacing, boy-next-door charm, Ayushmann Khurrana stands out in stark relief to the jarring swagger of his more commercially successful Bollywood colleague, Salman Khan, whose recent conviction for a 2004 hit-and-run case was grabbing headlines in India as this interview was taking place.
Location-wise, the setting, too, could not have been more representative of the wholesome persona that Ayushmann projects both in his films and in real life. He was in Singapore’s Jurong Bird Park with his wife and young son, and a buddy from his school days in Chandigarh his home town. “This holiday is all for my son,” says Ayushmann as he cradles doe-eyed, three-year Virajveer. His daughter, two-year old Verushka was being baby sat at home in Chandigarh.
Khurrana, 30, is as warm in person as his honeyed voice. True to his traditional Punjabi roots, the gifted singer-actor – a winning combination in Bollywood- touches my editor’s feet in greeting (“pairi pauna”) and gives this writer a brotherly hug as we have been talking intermittently since his last visit in 2012 and share a common family friend. Deeply moved by the devastating Nepal earthquake and anxious to help, he promptly tweets to his fans about this writer’s relief efforts. He types, “My friend from Singapore, Maya Tsering Bhalla will be on ground helping the quake victims. Contact for contributions!”
Keeping a judicious divide between his “family life” and “work life”, Ayushmann maintains a rare work-life balance, shunning the glitzy life of Bombay by using it as his work-place as distinct from his “home” Chandigarh where his children, wife and parents live and where he retires to every weekend.

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