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  • Young & Beautiful

    30/06/2017, Jamuna Pai
    1. Sun protection = Skin protection: If you slather on SPF protection only when you are outdoors it is not enough. It is...
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  • Sparkle & Oomph

    31/05/2017, Jamuna Pai
    I am always in a rush to reach work on time and often apply make-up on the bus or in a train. Will my make up get contam...
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  • Youthful Charm

    02/03/2017, Jamuna Pai
    Permanent make-up seems to be quite popular these days. Please elaborate on the procedure. Can one change the make-up to...
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  • Skincare Guide

    31/01/2017, Jamuna Pai
    As we gear up to ring in the New Year, how about paying some attention to our skin and make some healthy resolutions kee...
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  • Alluring Looks

    31/12/2016, Jamuna Pai
    Q. Bronzers seem to be very in these days. How should one use them correctly? Are they as safe as other make-up?  A: Bro...
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  • DIY Tips

    01/12/2016, Jamuna Pai
    Q: The festive season takes a toll on our skin. Are there any instant ways to revive it, considering that beauty parlour...
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  • BASELWORLD 2015: Unmissable Event

    01/04/2015, Anita Khatri
    This is my 18th year at Baselworld, but each time I wonder what new designs or innovations would I discover? The thought...
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  • Timeless Beauty

    31/08/2015, Anita Khatri
    Reverso, one of the legendary icons from the maison Jaeger LeCoultre was created in 1931. It was invented as a solution ...
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  • Elegance & Flair

    12/08/2015, Anita Khatri
    IWC Schaffhausen is one of the world’s leading brands in the Swiss luxury watch segment that crafts masterpieces of haut...
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  • IWC: Passion for Innovation & Invention

    02/06/2015, Anita Khatri
    IWC Schaffhausen is a brand of international repute creating masterpieces of haute horlogerie that combine precision and...
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  • Not A Forbidden Fruit

    30/04/2015, Anita Khatri
    With the younger generation preferring not to wear watches and using their mobile phone to tell time, what is the future...
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  • Desi Flavour

    01/10/2014, Anita Khatri
    During ancient times, several luxury brands found wealthy and royal patrons in India. And today with India’s growing eco...
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  • Karachi Asleep

    31/05/2017, Reema Abbasi
    When Karachi sleeps, time folds back on itself. As nightlife stirs in quiet bonhomie, its old quarters have nothing in c...
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  • Keeping Up With The Keralites

    31/05/2017, Baby Mathen Mathews
    A just launched book on the early journeys of the Malayalees from Kerala to  Singapore to carve out a future for themsel...
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  • Singapore On Stage

    31/01/2017, Nithya Subramanian
    Almost 24 years after having written ‘The Eye Of History’, Epigram Books published this play by Singapore’s veteran play...
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  • Sohni Mahiwal: The Shrine Of Defiant Love

    31/01/2017, Reema Abbasi
    She lies alone in stoic white granite, covered in red and orange traditional bandhinis, bequests of lovers who come to d...
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  • Bazar-e-Husn: Dark Love

    31/12/2016, Reema Abbasi
    They have alluring names – Shahi Mohalla, Bulbul-e-Hazaar Daastan, and Hyderabad’s Bazar-e-Husn, formerly Sundarta Bazar...
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  • The Spice Of Life

    02/12/2016, Nithya Subramanian
    So many of us have been influenced by Maya Angelou. Whether it is her poetry or social activism she has been an inspirat...
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Art & Entertainment

  • One Two Ka Four, Four Two Ka One

    08/05/2017, Nivruthi Prasad & Maya Tsering Bhalla
    Always craved for a taste of stardom? You can now feel like a celebrity at the IIFA Awards Experience exhibition at Mada...
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  • Don’t bash Bollywood: Anurag Kashyap

    31/12/2016, Shobha Tsering Bhalla
    Fresh from a master class for film students, Anurag Kashyap is clearly pleased with the recognition he has been getting ...
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  • Bringing It All Back Home

    02/11/2016, Pritish Nandy
    I have never had much time for great literature. The classics, I mean. While I recognise the magnificence of Shakespeare...
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  • Rock Chic Girl

    01/09/2016, Parul Trivedi Shah
    At a time when the Indian film music industry was dominated by a handful of voices, she came as a breath of fresh air th...
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  • Memorable Notes

    01/08/2016, Nithya Subramanian
    Come September and the multi-talented composer and singer, Shekhar Ravjiani pays tribute to his mentor, ghazal maestro J...
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  • Stepping It Up

    01/08/2016, Nithya Subramanian & Shobha Tsering Bhalla
    With her rapier sharp eye, analytical mind and passion for arts and culture – Vidhya Nair is cut out to be the new Princ...
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