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Street Art Galore In Singapore

1/11/2018 8:02:28 PM
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If you like pop art, psychedelia and vibrant colours, be sure to catch the Art from the Streets exhibition just opened at the ArtScience Museum at Marina Bay Sands as part of Singapore Art Week 2018.
You will be tickled pink by artworks such as a cartoonish, longhaired man with his tongue sticking out like the Rolling Stones logo and a speech bubble over his head which proclaims, “Hey! Make salad not war.” Ageing hipsters will get the reference, of course. It’s an irreverent take on the 1960s flower children’s famous slogan, “Make love, not war.” That’s street art: it can be catchy, irreverent and subversive.
Art from the Streets is "one of our boldest and most provocative shows to date", said Honor Harger, executive director of the ArtScience Museum. “We have brought some of the biggest names in street art – Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Futura – to Singapore for the first time. To really make the walls speak, we have also invited 10 of the top artists in the field to take over the museum and produce new works directly onto the walls of our galleries.”
More than 200 works including large murals, installations, videos, sketches and archival material from some of the most iconic names in the street art movement.
Street art expert and writer Magda Danysz, who has her own gallery in Paris, Shanghai and London, curated the show for the ArtScience Museum. Street art originated in Philadelphia, spread to the subways of New York and from there to the cities of Europe. Now it has become the 21st century’s first major international art movement, she said.
The exhibition showcases works by artists such as Zhang Dali from China, Eko Nugroho from Indonesia, Tarek Benaoum from Morocco, Felipe Pantone from Argentina, and Speak Cryptic and Sheryo from Singapore.
Street art is gaining recognition in Singapore. Speak Cryptic (photographed in front of his creation), whose real name is Farizwan Fajari, has worked on various special projects since 2011, including murals at Gilman Barracks in 2011 and the Tampines Regional Library in 2017. Now he has even painted a mural on a bus for the Art from the Streets exhibition for the ArtScience Museum. Street art has a future in Singapore as long as it’s accepted and appreciated by the people, he told IndiaSe.
Anyone visiting the exhibition is likely to appreciate the colour street art adds to life. The exhibition, which opens on January 13, will run till June 3.
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