Frozen In Time: Time Capsules In Singapore

11/14/2017 4:51:49 PM
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The young generation used to smartphones may consider pagers clunky and outdated. But those devices used to be such an important part of our daily life that a pager was one of the objects sealed in a time capsule in 1984, as part of celebrations for Singapore’s 25th year of self-government.

More than 50 time capsules have been created in Singapore since the 19th century. Some have been uncovered and put on display while others remain buried to be opened by future generations.

 You can now find more about such memorabilia and the time capsules that contained them at Frozen in Time: Time Capsules in Singapore, a new travelling exhibition produced by the National Heritage Board (NHB). Among the 40 objects on display are:

  • Straits Settlements coins
  • A 35mm Rollei camera and a HP-35 calculator from the 1970s
  • A pager, an analogue telephone and a Super Simon game set that visitors can try their hands
  • An original 1929, 14th edition Encyclopaedia Britannica that visitors can browse through,

The  NHB has also launched a time capsule gallery on its portal to complement the travelling exhibition. For more information of the time capsule 360o gallery, please visit

Frozen in Time: Time Capsules in Singapore will be on display at Toa Payoh Public Library from today until 29 November 2017 before travelling to other public libraries throughout 2018. Admission is free.



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