Testing Transitions

Pre-teens is one of the toughest phases in a child’s life – as he steps into adolescene he has to deal with many physical and mental changes.

7/10/2014 12:30:06 PM
written By : Vijaya Dalvi Print

Parenthood is naturally about challenges and overcoming them. What you do, say, how you act shapes the future of your child. This article will tell you how  problems that often overwhelm parents can be minimised when they learn to adjust to responses according to pre-teen’s needs. 

Parents go through many anxiety stages as their children grow up, but pre-teens is a time of extreme worry esecially for mothers with daughters.

Children between the ages of 10-12 fall in this category and this is a metamorphic stage when they are transiting into puberty… adolescence. Pre-teen attacks are more biological than psychological. Children have to deal with mental and physical changes, their bodies mature leading to changes in emotions, feelings and actions. 

Girls go through a lot of hormonal and physical changes which affect their psyche. Similarly boys too go through such changes. Hence you will find them confused about the physical changes and find it hard to discuss the same with their parents or elders. Many children, at times, feel disconnected from their parents and lose their anchor. Instead they prefer to discuss their feelings and changes with their friends whom they are comfortable with. At times these discussions lead to more confusion, fear and nervousness. This could impact their confidence and the overall personality of a child. 

Adolescence is the right time to make  the child aware of good touches and bad touches and the perfect time to teach values.

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