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Happy Willow is a fun indoor playground for families to hang out together as well as a great party venue

8/29/2014 3:30:34 PM
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Children are constantly looking for a change – and in Singapore’s tropical weather, visiting an indoor playground is a good option. Keeping itself away from the clutter, Happy Willow is a fun play area that will keep your little ones happy.

Lyn Tan and Jason Lee are the dynamic duo behind Happy Willow. They come from different backgrounds – the former was a marketing professional who spent over 10 years in various industries including hospitality, consultancy and banking, before she took time off to look after their children while the latter started his career as a lawyer with practised in Hong Kong, London and Singapore for seven years, before he becoming a legal recruitment consultant.  

Born out of a desire to offer children something unique, the two talk about their venture.

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