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Wake Up Call!

Stand up comedian Kumar says that in the last 50 years Singapore has come a long way and people should realise that

8/12/2015 4:11:16 PM
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He’s funny, he’s irreverent and he could well become Singapore’s star candidate in the forthcoming elections.
“I’m Kumar. I’m approved by the government. Why? Cause I’m Indian, and the president is also Indian…” were the opening lines of his stand up comedy acts some years ago. Dressed in drag, Kumarason Chinnadurai has raised many ticklish social issues sometimes heckling the powers that be while eliciting huge rounds of laughter and applause. But he now seems to be getting a little serious.
While entering politics has always been in his mind, it seems that the comedian could well take the plunge soon. In an interview with India Se in April 2010, he said, “I would like to join politics but not from the gay constituency… If I go into politics, I would like to stand for the middle class.” This was reiterated in a recent online interview too.
So on the eve of SG50, at the launch of the latest season of Subah Ki Chai, India Se spoke to Kumar about Singapore and what these celebrations meant to him.

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