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Jita Singh is the first Sikh national footballer and coach of the Singapore team, dedicating more than 50 years to the sport

6/6/2014 2:30:26 PM
written By : Parveen Maghera Print

With unwavering dedication, Jita Singh has witnessed the evolution of the football in Singapore. “More than three quarters of my life revolved around football,” he laughed. While playing for the Singapore national team from 1969 to 1973, he became a referee and then eventually, the youngest national coach at the age of 29 from 1979 to 1984. He has coached notable footballers such as Fandi Ahmad, V Sundramoorthy, K Kannan and T Pathmanathan. His tenure as a professional coach saw him snagging two prestigious awards - the National Olympic Council Coach of the Year award in 1981 and the Coach of the Year Award in 1998 in Singapore’s S. League. He was also the man behind Singapore’s victory at the Malaysia Cup in 1980.

Singh is an advocate for youth development, making significant improvements in the developmental programmes with the Football Association of Singapore (FAS). As the Senior Head of Game Development, he oversees Coaching & Development, Grassroots Development, Women’s football, National Football Academy, Club and Junior Centre of Excellence. He will be leaving the FAS in June-end to join Frenz United Football Academy to scale them to the next performance level.

A jovial 65-year-old fatherly figure, Singh’s passion and loyalty are an inspiration for many young footballers. We find out more about his incredible journey.

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