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The Power Suit Of Indian Women

Indian women have consistently shown that you don’t need Western attire to be successful at work

10/31/2014 12:47:05 PM
written By : Diya-Maya Tsering Bhalla Print

Compelling photographs of saree-clad Indian women scientistswho played a key role in the recent success of India’s milestone Mars Mission have been grabbing world headlines and, along with it, debunking old notions of sartorially driven success in the work place.

These pictures are helping to dispel the generally accepted notion that Indian women who are professionally successful prefer to shun traditional clothes for Western clothes, say experts. And this is galvanizing more and more Indian women in Singapore to embrace their roots and view traditional clothes as regular office wear. 

However, the trend – albeit, still in its infancy - was not propelled only by the Mars Mission women scientists. It has been taking place quietly over the last few years, say experts. But while the trend is slowly catching on in Singapore there are still hurdles of mindsets to overcome, especially among ethnic Indians who have been in Singapore for a few generations.

A recent survey by this magazine shows this to be the case. Out of 26 women professionals between the ages of 25 and 40, that India Se spoke to, those born and bred in Singapore – 10 respondents - were more hesitant to wear ethnic clothing to work than recently arrived Indians.

Among those who were avowedly for it were those who had grown up in India or those whose associations with the country were strong and positive. The latter is exemplified by Mansi Maheshwari, an Account Director at Rice Communications. 

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