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Start by teaching our children the importance of hygiene

10/31/2014 12:47:31 PM
written By : Mitra Phukan Print

Suddenly, brooms are in fashion. Our new Leader, the one who leads the nation, has made them so. On a Very Important Day for the Nation, he took one up and swept a patch of roadside clean. 

    The man, it must be admitted, certainly knows how to wield a broom. There were of course many other “Me Too” politicians, social workers and chamchas who immediately followed suit, and began to do the same thing, as well. After all, ours is a nation of suckers-up and copycats. Our very own state leaders also did the same thing a few days later, though they insisted that they had started doing this before the national leader had arrived on the scene. Well, they may have, but certainly, going by the always-filthy streets of our city, it never showed.

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   The point is: all these Me-Too Broom Wielders did it awkwardly. Some held the brooms as though they were live snakes, which would turn around and bite them at any moment. Others held them as though they were some kind of large toothbrush, with which to clean the stuff on the ground. Some others held the brooms in the wrong place, around the waist, and not the head. Not so the National Leader, though. He did a thorough job, in fact a much better job than the ladies and gentlemen employed by our Municipal Corporation to remove roadside garbage have ever done. These municipal workers wield their brooms as though they were paintbrushes: so delicately that much of the muck is left still lying by the roadside. Our National Leader, however, did it so well that not a speck of dirt was left on the patch that he cleaned up. And also to be noted was that he did it without raising a cloud of dust.

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