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Mere sapnon ki rani… not to be wooed, but raped and killed

4/1/2015 11:26:55 AM
written By : Shobhaa De Print

Going by the twisted “confessions” of the rapists and defence lawyers interviewed by British documentary maker Leslee Udwin, I keep going back to a catchy Bollywood song that had captured the imagination of moviegoers way back in the 1970s and 80s.

It remains popular to this day. A lovelorn man (Rajesh Khanna) serenades his girlfriend (Sharmila Tagore), and millions of hearts flutter in darkened theatres. While the innocence of the picturisation remains touchingly naïve and appealing to viewers across generations, one wonders what really goes on inside the heads of men like Mukesh Singh when they listen to the lyrics and visualise their personal ‘Sapnon ki Rani’? Is that unattainable fantasy woman a reigning screen diva? Or is the woman of his dreams a vulnerable 23-year-old student, looking to get home after watching a movie with a guy pal? Does the sight of a female clad in jeans, laughing and joking with a male buddy, set Mukesh Singh’s libido on fire? Or does the scene make him go crazy with rage and frustration? Drive him crazy enough to rape the innocent girl, torture and brutalise her… before killing her? This man does not think of the consequences. He doesn’t really care if he rots in jail. Or is hanged for committing such a heinous crime. At that moment, all he wants to do is “fix” the girl. The girl of his nasty, perverted ‘dream’.

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