Why Women Sulk... We Get It, Sushmaji

But this is the time to assert and claim what you rightly deserve

6/6/2014 3:40:51 PM
written By : Shobhaa De Print

So… Sushma Swaraj has won by a staggering lead. Or… has she? Well, she has won her seat convincingly, enough. But she has lost her cool. Her core constituency expected better from her when she went into that great big sulk, feeling slighted and snubbed by the BJP bosses. I wish she hadn’t revealed her misgivings to the world. But now that she has conclusively proved her worth to the top brass, will she please stop brooding behind closed doors… and start lobbying for a plum cabinet post for herself (Home, Finance, Defence, External Affairs)? That’s what any man in her position would do after a win. Do it, Sushma! For us! Here we were under the impression that Sushmaji was not just another Behenji. She came across as ruthless, as tough, as any of those men she routinely decimated during fiery Parliamentary debates. Then look what happened to that tough façade! Phut! Sushma cracked… she behaved like… like… one of us! Us, ornery women who sulk! In public, at that! And why was Sushma sulking? Because she felt she was being side-lined. Because she wasn’t being given sufficient ‘bhav’. Because her mentor (L K Advani) was also being spurned. Because the two of them looked like abandoned members of a large joint family. Which indeed, they were! Abandoned and side-lined.


Arrey… but why show it! Politics, like most things in life, is about acting. Politicians are not allowed to display real emotions (only fake emotions allowed). Politics is about strategy and stealth. And holding all your cards close to the chest. Had Sushma shrewdly concealed her (legitimate) hurt, smiled broadly for the cameras, and gone along happily to the Gandhinagar closed door summit, she would have emerged stronger. Unfortunately, when she pulled a sour face and skipped this key meeting, she showed her vulnerability and weakness. Worse she paraded her vanity and ego (“How dare they do this to ME! Don’t they know who I am?”). Big mistake.

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