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What’s With Our Youth!

How a real hero lost out to a lip-syncing star?

5/31/2017 4:17:47 PM
written By : Shobhaa De Print

He came. He sang. He didn’t conquer. A popular comic made khichdi of the Brat Boy of Pop. Which was most unfair — to the khichdi. I mean, khichdi is India’s number one comfort food. Going by some of the accounts of the suckers who paid serious money to attend Canadian singer Justin Bieber’s much-hyped ‘Purpose’ concert, his performance left a worse after-taste than stale samosas. Frankly, we deserve it. Who the hell is Justin Bieber? Come on. It’s fair to ask that question to anybody above the age of 10. Why did we fall for the hard-sell? Why did parents who should have known better, indulge their kids and buy those absurdly priced tickets only to get short-changed by a singer who didn’t bother to sing? It’s really the worst insult to hurl at die-hard fans who waited for hours in the muggy Bombay heat to listen to their idol perform live.

When you look at the Rs 3-crore bandobast and security for Bieber, you can’t but help wonder about the failure to protect Ummer FayazWhat did he do instead? Made a few listless moves and lip-synced to the chart-busting hits that have propelled him to the top of the heap in the highly competitive international music industry. Lip-syncing is the worst sin to commit for any performing artist. By doing that Bieber conveyed just one thing — he really didn’t give a damn for India or his desi fans. And you know what? We asked for it. To use a delicious colloquialism: “First you chadhao someone, then you pachhtao.”

So what does the Justin nightmare tell us about ourselves? A lot! And it is pretty revolting. I think of over-indulgent (or over-bullied) parents who thought nothing of shelling out Rs 36,000 for a ticket, so that their brats wouldn’t feel ‘left out’. 36k is one hell of a lot of money! Imagine those 10 -year-old Beliebers bragging about the concert to other children with far more sensible parents who had not fallen for the emotional blackmail. Imagine the psychological ‘haalat’ of parents who simply could not afford to spend a large chunk of their salary to please their demanding children. This is getting so ridiculous, one wonders where and how it will stop.

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