Shobhaa De

The Final Outburst

12/10/2018, Shobhaa De
This is the kind of story that demands taking a position. It is difficult to stay ‘neutral’ about the Serena Williams’ m...
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An Intimate Affair

11/05/2018, Shobhaa De
It’s official. The days of the big, fat Indian wedding are declared over. Khatam! Says who? Ummm. Says Bollywood. And on...
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Jai Kisan!

20/04/2018, Shobhaa De
The farmer’s in the den – hey O, the cherry O, the farmer’s in the den... India’s oppressed and shabbily treated farmers...
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Will Bollywood Boot Out Sexual Predators?

11/12/2017, Shobhaa De
Kevin Spacey, aged 58, is an extraordinary actor. Let nobody take that away from him. He is also a huge money-spinner fo...
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Casting Couch

01/11/2017, Shobhaa De
Bollywood is always in search of a great big Diwali dhamaka. I am hoping this year will provide a big bang! Come on, al...
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One Gauri Is Bigger Than A Thousand Bigots

03/10/2017, Shobhaa De
One did not have to know Gauri personally to admire her. One already ‘knew’ her. In the best way one can know strangers ...
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