Shobhaa De


02/09/2017, Shobhaa De
Let’s start with what happened at a madrassa on Independence Day this year. Little boys and girls, neatly dressed and ho...
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Ps & Bs Of Procreation

30/06/2017, Shobhaa De
Yes. The heat is on. And the heat is getting to a lot of us. Like that darling former High Court judge from Rajasthan wh...
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What’s With Our Youth!

31/05/2017, Shobhaa De
He came. He sang. He didn’t conquer. A popular comic made khichdi of the Brat Boy of Pop. Which was most unfair — to the...
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Holy Cow?

08/05/2017, Shobhaa De
Go on... call me a “cow”. I’ll accept that as a compliment. Seriously. Millions of women across India are happy to be co...
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Bollywood, Modi And The Donald

02/03/2017, Shobhaa De
I watched two Bollywood blockbusters, Kaabil and Raees, back to back last week. If one overlooks the gratuitous violence...
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Love In The Time Of Scoops

31/01/2017, Shobhaa De
Just as 2016 was winding down and the overall mood was pretty gloomy (Narendra Modi was still playing Marie Antoinette a...
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