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Being prosperous in the year ahead

12/31/2014 11:58:02 AM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

As we move into another New Year, it’s quite common to have new aspirations, goals and look forward to a better year. Enhancing the prosperity through Feng Shui ensures stability and also gives you the opportunity to establish a firm base for all future aspirations to fall in place.

In the practice of Feng Shui, your first impressions as you enter a home, work place or even a room is very important, what you feel in a place constitutes the quality of the energy existing there. By crossing a threshold you enter a new environment or another world. 

To adapt Feng Shui corrections in a home or office, it primarily calls for understanding the orientations of the property, main door positions, layout, furniture and decor. For home areas like bedroom, positioning of beds and kitchen - the layout is very important while in offices seating positions of key personnel, foyer, reception desk and entry points are quite vital.

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