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In advance school of Vaastu, planets influence the design element in terms of layout and décor 

7/5/2016 4:13:49 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Vaastu and Feng Shui contain the secret key to realign the home or office in accordance with cosmic principles and nature’s forces. Apart from the application of mathematics in calculating the sectors, dividing the plot, and aligning the building with regard to the compass directions and nature’s forces, Vaastu also has a strong influence due to the planetary positions, transit and its impact on the occupants of the home. Like Feng Shui where annual afflictions, monthly stars, daily starts and hourly stars can influence the building and affect the animal sign of the individual, Vaastu also gets affected due to celestial changes and has an influence on the occupants.

In Vedic astrology the planets are named as Ravi for Sun, Chandra for Moon, Mangala for Mars, Budha for Mercury, Guru as Jupiter, Shukra as Venus and Shani for Saturn and the two nodes as Rahu and Kethu  which contribute towards invisible influences. The path of the planets’ movement is elliptical. Out of the nine planets, five of them are said to have a direct effect on terrestrial events and they are Mercury, Venus, mars, Jupiter and Saturn. The Stone for Rahu is Gomedh or Hessonite a planet considered as the ascending node of the moon. Rahu generates unnecessary worries and strained relationships and causes unpredictable and sudden changes. Similarly the stone for Kethu is Cat’s Eye a planet considered as the descending node of moon that influences thinking, asceticism, relationship and wisdom. 

In the advanced school of Vaastu, planets not only have a bearing on the occupants but also influence the design element in terms of layout and décor. They also radiate the type of energy, which aids specific activity of a sector in a building. 

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