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Small changes in your child’s room can create a positive environment

10/12/2018 12:09:38 AM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

In the science of Vaastu and Feng Shui, it is said that each of the compass directions represents one of the many important aspirations in our lives and the sector pertaining to career, knowledge, literary skills and writing is the North and North East .

This sector is important not just for wisdom and knowledge but to also enhance spiritual pursuits. The ability to learn, focus and sharpen skills enables one to develop both intellectually and spiritually and it has a great bearing and impact on all aspects of life including career, prosperity, relationship, health and wealth.

Many parents spend a lot of time motivating the child to achieve academic success however persuading the child to improve is not good enough, the environment at home should also be conducive and supporting to the child.

To ensure that the child feels the same way even at home and motivate them to do better one can adapt Vaastu and Feng Shui techniques to enhance energy especially on the child’s work desk and bedroom areas. One of the simplest ways to support the child would be through use of art. The children’s rooms can have images of Feng Shui enhancers that motivate them to do better in exams and in acquisition of living skills.

Art with a message would ensure that the child not only gets the support but also gets to learn the right things. One such example of Chinese art is a picture or painting of a fisherman with his catch in one hand and the fishing hook in the other. The meaning is simple and profound, simple in the concept of making a living, profound in that learning is always superior to being spoon-fed.

If you have young men at home, then a picture of a happy horse galloping symbolises speed, courage and perseverance. The youthful exuberance and adventure is also depicted through such an art. The horse if it is white in colour, symbolises joy and leadership qualities and if it is Black, it spells wealth and brown horses represent recognition. One could have a combination of these colours and have a group of galloping horses say eight in total. You need to ensure that the horses are happy and not stampeding or frightened.

To activate exam luck, one could display an image of the carp fish or even a crystal globe on the desk of the child but remember that the images you hang or display in a child’s room should emanate confidence and courage and inspire them to do better. Avoid posters or images of war, weapons wild life, or scary creatures, masks and waterfalls etc.

Art is something which is extremely personal so it would be difficult to judge which is a good or bad art as it also depends on the tastes and attitudes but observing certain basic guidelines as mentioned above would stimulate a positive chi and imbues confidence in the child. Orienting the study desks and positioning it away from the door meridian and placing the cot with a solid wall backing it would add to the comfort of the child and bunker beds are to be avoided.

Ensure that the room is well lit and free of clutter and books of earlier years if they are not useful maybe given away and the room cleansed completely. You could throw open the windows to allow sunlight in if possible, give a thorough scrub of the floors, re-organise the wardrobe and study table. Replace upholstery if possible with new curtains and bed spreads. Use plenty of aroma sticks and let the smoke cleanse the room completely.

The new look of the room will make your child happy enabling him to experience these positive changes, have the right motivation and concentration. Wishing all the children aanother great year of academic and scholastic honors ahead.

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