Money Garden For Abundance

Flowers, plants and flowing water are excellent energisers of good ‘chi’


4/16/2018 3:59:01 AM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Who does not want to activate the wealth luck?There are many ways one can tap into the wealth luck energy. Most often it involves placing some symbols or water features in your home. If you have space for a garden or live in an apartment which has a balcony, you can tap into this energy by creating an auspicious “money garden”.

We can transform the front or backyard into a gold mine. First identify the south-east sector of the garden. Even if this sector is missing due to a row-house design or because you live in a semi-detached home, you could still activate it. This sector represents wealth and abundance.

Next reflect on what money or abundance means to you. Is money synonymous with beautiful tulips, sunflowers and orchids or with an array of wildflowers? Use your intuition for your garden and use the feng shui principles only as a guideline.

Choose plants that are plentiful and look rich and vibrant. Great colours for plants are red, purple, gold, yellows and royal blue flowers. You want plants that grow quickly and are aesthetically appealing. Stay away from plants which are frail and difficult to grow.

You could have a variety of annuals and perennials in the garden. If you have only perennials, it suggests unexpected growth which can be a nice surprise in the wealth or abundance sector. Annuals suggest new growth, but nothing is constant, which can be quite nerve-wracking as a steady flow of wealth is preferred.

To make the garden feel more natural and give it a feel of real nature, bring in a simulacrum of wildlife to your home -- place artificial birds and butterflies on the plants. Better still, grow plants that invite live butterflies. It would be more pleasant to see them flitting around and sitting on the flowers.

You could introduce birdbaths and invite real birds into the garden to come and spend time. You could even have  a small water feature with either flowing or bubbling water creating an effect of a creek with water flowing as seen in rain forests.

The combination of greenery, flowers and plants signifying abundance and growth, representing the wood element, and the addition of water features, aiding the wood element, are excellent energisers of good chi to activate money luck through proper garden feng shui.

 A garden says a great deal to you as you walk past it. An empty garden shows your finances are limited while a garden in constant disarray shows your life is busy and hectic. Listen to your garden and get to know what it says about you, your life and wealth.

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