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Redecorate your home this Diwali for good fortune

10/3/2017 6:46:44 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

It’s that time of the year when you don’t mind going the extra mile to bring good luck and prosperity into your life. While you adorn your humble abode with some exciting and colourful decorations this Diwali, you can empower it further by making some additions and changes in your home décor.

Feng shui not only speaks of corrections and aligning homes, but it also gives us an opportunity to bring in excellent energy through festivals and joyous celebrations. Hence, using vaastu and feng shui, we can make the home more vibrant during the festive season.

The festival of lights or Deepavali is celebrated widely not just within India but across the globe. The night of Deepavali is moonless, hence lamps are lit to dispel darkness. Fire represents positive or yang energy. It also signifies that no matter how difficult a problem one faces in life, through the light of the soul one can find a way through the darkest of times.

De-cluttering the space, redecorating the home and pruning your garden plants to encourage “new growth” are considered good feng shui. You could even cleanse the space with incense or aromatic candles and use the sound energy of your music system. Sound energy is said to remove blockages of channels on the premises.  

Carry out the following simple yet effective changes to have a prosperous and happy festive time

Good fortune: Place shiny brass or bronze pots filled with tiny pebbles and rocks painted in gold outside your main door. Heap them into the pot and strew some artificial gemstones, diamond-cut glass beads and shine some light onto them. They exude yang energy.

Calm your mind: Crystals representing the earth element not only calm the mind, but ensure the aura is strengthened when worn as jewellery or as a bracelet. You could also display a gem tree made of jade in the east to create the same feeling.

Positive energy: To attract positive chi into your environment, place a healthy plant with shiny round green leaves in a gold-coloured pot. The green leaves representing wood signify growth and the gold-coloured pot sprouts this new growth in your life.

Let there be light: A relaxing glow in your south-east corner could be the right feng shui to lead abundance into your life. Subtle but substantial light can be the key to getting what you desire.

Goodness of water: Vaastu and feng shui emphasise the benefits of moving water to activate good luck. Water features like aquariums and fountains can activate positive chi and usher in prosperity if placed in the living rooms and foyers, in the east and north sectors.

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