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Simple changes in your home and décor will bring in good fortune this Diwali

10/1/2014 12:58:33 PM
written By : SBS Surendran Print

Home -sparkle -brass -ganesha -diyaDeepavali means an array of lamps (Deep = Lamp, Vali =Array). Deepavali or Diwali is not just a festival for rituals, prayers and celebration but time to dispel darkness in our lives and usher in positive feelings and energy.

Diwali also means conquering of evil forces and brightening our lives through colours and lights. Fire represents Positive or Yang energy and referred to as “Agni” one of the five elements in the science of Vaastu and is quite important. It is an essential element for the basic existence of mankind, the flora and fauna existing on Mother Earth. Without light energy everything around us looks dark and makes things difficult in our lives and new life does not sprout without sunlight. 

The night of Diwali is moonless (amavasai) hence lighting lamps is said to dispel darkness. It also signifies that no matter how difficult a problem one faces in life, through the light of the soul one can find way through the darkest of times.  It is also referred to as vanquishing “Narakasuran”, the inner meaning of which is vanquishing the “devil” within us, as each human being is a composite of man and beast. Hence it is the day to bring out the light within us and vanquish the bad qualities within us although the legendary slaying by Lord Krishna of an oppressive ruler named Narakasuran is what is often referred to for the significance of Diwali. It is also the right day for all to forget the enmity and forgive those who have hurt them, thus glorifying their inner soul with love, removing the darkness of ignorance and ill feeling and lighting a path for betterment.

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