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Significance of walls and ways of enhancing it to bring in good fortune

1/7/2015 11:33:32 AM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Enhancing the energy of your home or work space by activating a few important walls is a unique but time-tested approach, often adapted by Senior Feng Shui Masters not just to overcome a negative space but also activate good Vaastu and Feng Shui.

Think of your walls to be a blank canvas and one can use them to create auspicious energy and ambience, which lifts the Chi of the place. Energy produced by walls can either be extremely lucky or depressing, hence considering the position, layout, design and sector of the wall; one can fine-tune the space to resonate more positively.

The most important principle in building design is to have at least one solid wall in a room as this is said to signify the abode where the positive spirit of the room stays and accumulates, and is the foundation to the type of energy existing. Interaction of the one solid wall, which can be a feature wall with the rest of the home is vital in enhancing the mood of the home.

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