Balancing Forces

Placement of the bathroom in a home is important for the natural flow of energies

8/31/2015 3:48:55 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Feng Shui can have profound impact on our lives, especially our health and well being if the flow of energy (Chi) is blocked or depleted not just in our place of living but even in the human body of the occupants.
Now how can one decide or understand if the Chi is blocked? Just examine how you feel. Vibrant health shows in a person’s walk, firm step, clear eyes and positive outlook and burst of energy in whatever he does. Pain, muscular spasm, headaches, indigestion, depression, worries indicates that Chi is not balanced or flowing harmoniously.
The Chi of the human body should flow harmoniously in a connected circuit. The pathways or electrical lines it flows through are called the meridians. Along these lines are the many vortex points which function like resistors in an electrical circuit which modify the rate and intensity of the flow of Chi. Exposure to strong electrical fields adds to the imbalance. Everything electrical has a charge and the two polarities exist in the form of negative and positive. These charges which move can either repel or attract depending upon its polarity. When the electrons flow in currents, a magnetic field is created around this. Fragile DNA in the human body would be affected by these fields. Fields not generated due to electrical equipments are often attributed due to the geopathic stress of natural land formations and underground streams. We can relocate a television set which is generating electromagnetic fields but we cannot lift our house or move it away from a fault generated due to geopathic stress.

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