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The location of the main door holds the key to good luck

12/1/2016 7:06:42 PM
written By : S B S Surendran Print

Designing and placing the main door and door frame is an essential part of constructing a building. Using the right dimensions, material and position ensures that the house is not deprived of good energy which can make life better for the occupants.  

The main door is the most important area in a building; both vaastu and feng shui attach great importance not just to the position but also to the auspicious time to place the door and the door frame during construction. The main entrance holds a unique position in relation to the rest of the doors in the house, hence additional care is required in attending to the requirements of this door. 

The position of the main door is quite critical as each compass direction has exalted or positive directions or debilitated or negative directions. Therefore, one needs to take extra care while designing the home to ensure that the main door is in the exalted position.

If it’s a home or an office which already exists, then following feng shui and activating the good sectors by identifying them, one can transform the energy and the feel of the place and correct the existing defects.  This is applicable not just to landed properties but even to condominiums with limited options for renovation or reconstruction.

The most important areas of concern are the location and direction of the front door, which brings in the flow of chi (energy). In the case of apartments and condominiums, the balcony and picture window also need to be considered. Other important factors like the location of the kitchen and the stove placement within the kitchen, the position of the master bedroom and most importantly the location of the toilet need to be assessed. In classical feng shui the location and direction are equally important. In the case of existing buildings, there are various methods which have been documented by the traditional feng shui masters to mitigate the ill effects.

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