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India's Couch Football Syndrome

If there was a proper examination with pen, paper and invigilator in a hall no one could defeat India in any World Cup theory contest

7/31/2014 10:36:43 AM
written By : MJ Akbar Print

Readers with an unpolluted, refined memory will recall a news story put out by the dregs of western media some months ago saying that the hallowed Kim Jong-un, Supreme Leader of the Blessed Earth of North Korea, had issued a democratic order to all patriotic youth to get a haircut in his style. This Kimcut is a sort of roundhead operation in which everything hirsute below eartop level at the minimum is sheared off. The story represented gross under reporting typical of jealousies inherent among those journalists who perform part time duties as running dogs of imperialism. Even a cursory examination of mops on display in the football fields of Brazil proves that the Kimcut has become an international cult.

You will, I hope, recognise the depths of the bias. If footballers at the 2014 World Cup had generally opted for the salt and pepper drizzle on Barack Obama’s head, or the early 20th century slickback atop David Cameron or the lawnmower effect favoured by Vladimir Putin, media would have gone manic in giving credit for inspiration where it was due. But because it is Comrade Kim there is collective silence. I would definitely call this an international conspiracy.

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