MJ Akbar

Modi’s Historic Move

31/01/2017, M J Akbar
The rationale for the most transformative event of 2016 is uncomplicated. All cash transactions are not corrupt. But eve...
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Platform Tourism In Calcutta

31/12/2016, M J Akbar
Is Calcutta’s Howrah the only railway station in the world that stocks Charles Darwin’s On the Origin of Species By Mean...
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The Universe Has Ears

10/10/2016, M J Akbar
As an enquiry, science has generally left me perplexed. During first encounters in school, physics was a bit of blank an...
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Abandoning A Kingdom

01/09/2016, M J Akbar
In the very same week that politics was shredding history’s most ambitious League of Nations, football was embracing Eur...
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The Spartacus of America

01/08/2016, M J Akbar
Can a boxer be a Gandhian? Howard Bingham, a friend of Muhammad Ali, asked the greatest pugilist of all time during an i...
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Terror Is Terror: Stop The Game Of Alibis

02/12/2015, M J Akbar
The terrorist assault on cities began in Bombay: not Bombay 2008, but Bombay 1993. A series of coordinated bomb blasts i...
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