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Here are 10 simple ways to have a glowing skin  

5/31/2017 4:23:54 PM
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1. Sun protection = Skin protection:Sun -Sunscreen -Beach (1)

If you slather on SPF protection only when you are outdoors it is not enough. It is essential to apply your sunblock daily regardless of the season, SPF factor and to reapply it as the effect varies off in 3-4 hours. It not only decreases the tanning effect but also protects your skin from the harmful rays of the sun that makes your skin get an old leathery appearance faster and ages quicker too.

2. Eat right: 

What you put in the system is what is seen on your face.

3. De-stressing:

Stress is not only connected to your mental health but to the health of your skin  too. Try yoga and deep breathing techniques to destress. The stress hormone cortisol is your skin's worst ageing enemy and as we age, the levels rise.

4. Early to rise, early to bed: 

Getting into an organised lifestyle routine by sleeping and waking up early is the best way of maintaining peace of mind, staying fit and active. Your body and mind relaxes at night. Ensure you get eight hours of priceless sleep daily.

5. Cleansing:

Cleansing helps in removing the dust, dirt and excessive sebum from the face, hence when not done properly leads to bacteria build up and eventually skin can break out.  Always use a make-up remover before going to bed. Don't substitute a cleanser for a makeup remover.

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