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These important tips will only amp up you skin

10/12/2018 12:12:50 AM
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Q. We all enjoy taking bubble baths, especially children. Does this harm the skin in any way? What are some of the precautions?

A: Bubble baths are relaxing for anyone and for children its an enjoyable experience. But it is best not to use very hot water for the same. And to avoid the skin being stripped of its pH, it is better to limit the time your child spends in the tub. Most important is they should never be unsupervised. 


Q. What is the ideal age for youngsters to start using cleansers, toners and exfoliating products? How should they start these skin care regimes?

A: As young boys and girls leave behind their childhood and make their way into puberty the body changes drastically and hormones begin to wreak nothing short of havoc in the body. In most cases, it reflects on the skin in the form of acne (mild to severe), oily skin, black or white heads, open pores, body odour, oily looking dandruff prone and frizzy hair to name a few. You will find that the smooth, fresh looking skin that you were used to during the years in primary school has given way to a dull, oily skin. 

Other than addressing specific skin problems, a general maintenance for all skin types, is regular cleansing, moisturising and the use of a good sunscreen. 

One most important part of skin care routine that I stress on is hygiene. A simple way to take care of your skin is to keep it clean. Since teenagers spend most of the time outdoors, the sweat and dirt accumulated on their skin has to be scrubbed off nicely. 

Sunscreens help prevent sunburn, yet, most teenagers continue not to use sunblock even though they have maximum sun exposure due to their activities like swimming, cycling, sports etc. This is the age group we need to make an impact on, because it gets harder to make an impact as they get into their later teen and early adult years. If they are told about the damages caused by the UV rays and the importance of regular use of sunscreen, it is a habit which they will carry for life.

Clean your skin with a gentle cleanser each night before bedtime. Look for cleansing products with gentle exfoliants like sea salt which help to loosen the blackheads. Cleansers containing salicylic, alpha hydroxy or lactic acid aid in dissolving dirt and oil, thus unclogs the pores. 


Q. My son has had eczema for about four years and has developed scars on his arms and legs due to scratching. Is there a safe way to get rid of these?

A: With a problem like eczema, it is best if you seek opinion of a paediatric dermatologist. Meanwhile, to keep him comfortable, you can use coconut oil on his arms and legs daily before bath. Use a lot of moisturiser rich in urea, shea butter to keep his skin hydrated and moisturised. 


Q. Teenage girls get traumatised with hairy arms and legs. Is laser or any other permanent treatment a solution? 

A: Yes unwanted facial as well as body hair can be reason for social withdrawal with the youth of today’s times. Laser hair removal is a relatively painless procedure with minimal side effects. It works best for hair that is thick and dark. With regular sessions of Laser, you one achieve the much-desired smooth skin with considerably lesser hair. 

Laser hair reduction works by the principle of selective photothermolysis. The laser light is absorbed by melanin present in dark hair and it weakens the hair follicle thus producing thinner and finer hair. Once the hair is thinner, the problem of in-grown hair will get resolved. Multiple sessions at monthly intervals are required to get good end result. The darker and thicker the hair better are the results

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