Corporate Mahabharata

Dharma is a treatise on the art and science of decision-making. Great decisions are a result of the right choice from many alternate options

8/29/2014 3:42:53 PM
written By : Debashis Chatterjee Print

In the business world they often say, ‘It’s a war out there’. A war room in business headquarters is used for crafting cunning strategy. Corporates equipped with banners, charts, computers and spreadsheets are ready to battle it out in the marketplace. The customers are seen as ‘targets’. Competition is sought to be ‘killed’ and ‘head-hunters’ are pressed into service to poach rival talent. In a modern corporate setting one hears the rumblings from the battlefield of a distant past. Often, the affairs of a modern corporation resemble a 21st century Mahabharata war.

The Mahabharata has captured the imagination of billions of people for years. It is a story of  gory love and a war of redemption. It is a saga of revenge and renunciation. The mindless greed of Duryodhana and the  mindful valour of Arjuna are the principal combating forces in the Mahabharata story. Yet, behind these two protagonists are those unseen forces that guide human action. Krishna, the embodiment of divinity, Yudhisthira the icon of truthfulness, Karna, the tragic hero and Bheesma the grand old man represents  the many dimensions of dharma, the law governing our human universe.

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