7 Invincible Ideas To Live By In 2017

A ready reckoner for a healthier and happier life

1/31/2017 3:21:37 PM
written By : Debashis Chatterjee Print

Re-imagine yourself this year. Think through these seven ideas and choose which ones to embrace and implement. Here is wishing you a glorious year,


1. Start intelligently, hone your finishing skills: You can flirt with your future resolutions or simply stop making them. Just finish that one thing that you started last year. Have a list of just ONE finished item each day. I just decided to finish reading a book every Friday. That way I would end up reading one thousand forty books in the next twenty years!


2. In 2017 improve your relationship with your body. Health is the emotional or mental relationship you have with your body. I meet many people who demonstrate a healthy attitude and acceptance of life-threatening diseases such as diabetes or even cancer. On the other hand, there are many who are mentally sick, even if they do not show symptoms of physical disease. On a less serious note, get to like your sickness! Say it aloud: “I am greater than the sum total of all my ailments. Those of you, formidable germs. who could not kill me have made me stronger than ever before—come on, arm-wrestle with me!” A healthy attitude towards your body is a well-kept beauty secret.  


3. Show a kid some new habits. Teaching is a good way to learn something. If you wish to stop telling lies yourself, teach your kid how to be truthful. Don’t tell, just show—by setting a personal example. Your showing to telling ratio should be 3:1


4. Treat life like a daily blog. If you want your life story to be magnificent, begin by realising you are the blogger of your life, and every day is a new blog. Assume that you will live just for a day. Then you will pay deep attention to everything. Inertia will transform into a sense of urgency. You will look at the beauty of life around you because you may never see it again. 

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